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Visual Perception – how visual memory can affect a child at school/home

We are going to tackle our visual perceptual skills over the next few Monday’s so keep an eye out as it will give you more understanding as to why your child/pupil has difficulties in school.

So, how can visual memory affect a child?

Visual memory is the ability to remember what we have seen. We should be able to place in our memory an image of objects, places, animals or people which we have seen. This then enables us to recall the visual image, helping children with both reading and writing.

Children with visual memory can have problems with:

* Copying text correctly.
* Remembering sequential numbers i.e. 1, 2, 3
* Remembering where an object is situated.
* Poor spelling.
* Slow reading.
* Moving around the classroom/school environment.

To help this area you can conduct the following:-

* Pairs games
* Kim’s game.
* Mime games.
* What are different? * I went shopping game.

Anything like this will certainly help. Over the next six weeks, try the activities and it will help to improve your child in all these areas that we will be discussing.

Let us know how you get on!

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