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TSNB Training Testimonial – Monday 21st January 2019

“Increased understanding of behaviours that children may present and strategies (practical resources) to help with this.”

“More activities to use as a whole not segmenting children.”

“Will be incorporating strategies into the classroom – calming, e.g. Lycra stretching, wobble cushion and fidget toys etc.”

“Brilliant workshop!”

“I have learnt good techniques on how to calm children down to make them ready for learning.”

“It will help me to recognise what a child needs quicker. I know about more aids available.”

“It has also highlighted some techniques I already use and hadn’t realised.”

“It would be very helpful for quite a lot of our children.”

“My son has recently been diagnosed with SPD. This will help at home as well as at work.”

“The information today will be a great help.”

“Working with blind child with proprioception issues.”

“Really feel some of the things (i.e. water bottle) activities can help to calm class down after break/lunchtime to help calm down.”

“This will impact both personally and professionally as my son is Autistic and has DCD. Excellent support strategies for my 6 SEN children.”

“A lot of information I’ve received today will help in the high needs base with most of the children. I’m looking forward to trying out techniques with them.”

“Both at school and at home with my grandchildren. Has made me more aware to be able to support in different ways/equipment etc.”

“It will help me in school and home. It has made me more aware. Also what I can do to help a child.”

“I will use these techniques both at school and at home.”

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