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TSNB Testimonial

  • “Excellent knowledge and delivery from staff.”


  • “I’ve completed this course before, but still come away with renewed enthusiasm and ideas. A refresh always helps to increase understanding and further consolidate.”


  • “Very informative staff training – cannot think of any ways to improve.”


  • “We need to have all staff have this workshop, so that we can further develop a whole school approach.”


  • “It has changed the way I look at behaviours and how I deal with them.”


  • “This information will assist in the educational setting to understand the reason behind behaviours.”


  • “Good structure and some new ideas.”


  • “I will be using things in September that I learnt in the Practical Sessions.”


  • “General support for students at school. Moving onto teacher training so an additional area to consider when working with new students.”


  • “Help to understand how to counteract some behaviour.”


  • “Can use the components as I move around the school with the variety of pupils.”

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