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This is for all the parents who worry about their child. A parent has made our day by sending us this update on her son who attended Tree Tops in 2013.

I wonder if you remember James and me, his mum, a Speech and Language Therapist with adults? James was diagnosed and treated for DCD in 2013 when he was 10 years old. Jame is now 13, Year 9 and 5’11’, but most importantly, is a different child in terms of self-esteem and school progress. He still has some issues but nothing like they used to be.

James continues his therapy by drumming and he also rode, until earlier this year, but drums have taken over his life now! He has recently achieved his Grade 4 music award. He was one point short of a merit – not bad for a lad with DCD, who was streaming with cold when he sat the exam!

I’m so proud of him and can’t thank you enough for all the help, which has allowed him to flourish. I hope you can share the update with the staff who helped him.

Best wishes


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