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Events – invite us to come along

Events – invite us to come along to your PTA meetings, conferences, parent evenings etc. We have a table display that gives you a good insight into how we can help families, schools and other professionals. Tree Tops also has a vibrant sensory parent support group and to find out more, contact us.

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Training Testimonial – Sunderland Primary School

Thank you for making us so welcome in your school. Everyone was exceptionally enthusiastic and ready to get started on the sensory diets. Pleased you enjoyed the practical sessions – enjoy putting them into practice for the children and see how much they improve.

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Remote Therapy Class – Handwriting

Remote therapy class – handwriting is Tree Tops’ pioneering new dynamic way of delivering occupational therapy services directly into your home. We would like to introduce you to our second Zoom remote therapy class – handwriting which will help your child(ren) with any difficulties in this area. Don’t worry, the sessions will be fun and…

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