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Social Skills/Interaction Groups Coming Soon!

Tree Tops are aiming to put together some groups during the summer period to help with:-
* Social skills.
* Increase social participation/interaction.
* Understanding social skills/norms, body language etc.
The structure would be one hour long (no parent feedback or home programme), weekly and possibly participate for four weeks.
The sessions would run for six weeks each Friday over the summer period to enable you to choose which sessions your child would attend allowing for flexibility of holidays. There will be arts and crafts, team games with many more ideas just to make it fun too.
There could be two or three age groups depending on the interest and possibly held in a different location.
Would anyone be interested? If so, please leave a comment or email us.
NB: You do not need to have been to Tree Tops before.
Many thanks.

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  1. Tracy Craggs on May 13, 2018 at 6:32 am

    Hi, I would be interested for Joshua.

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