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Social Skills Course Testimonial

  • “Although he has missed what he would have been doing for Fridays, he comes out happy and doesn’t try to refuse coming back – that’s good!”
  • “He seems more aware of how he functions socially.”
  • “He has really enjoyed it and was a little sad that today was the last one.”
  • “I think this has helped with his confidence and his self-esteem.”
  • “After his second group, he said “you know what mum, I really like being me.” I am sure these groups helped with this.”
  • “Please let me know of any others.”
  • “Thank you so much for running these sessions! I think it is brilliant for the children to be able to talk about and improve their skills with others they know are having the same difficulties.”
  • “I just hope that she uses the techniques that she has learnt.”

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