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Sibling Workshop – Thank you #Tesco #Groundwork

Sibling workshop – 5th January 2018

Our parent support group gained funding from Tesco Groundwork UK scheme and asked us to put into action a workshop for the siblings of their SPD brothers and sisters.  As you can see we split them into two groups: 6-9 year olds and 10+ year olds.

It was such a lovely morning with them all. Everyone was exceptionally well behaved and apparently afterwards were giving their parents/carers tips!!

We’re looking forward to the return of the evaluation forms – thank you to those who have already returned them. Keep an eye out on our website in the next couple of weeks as we will let you know what the children and parents thought of the workshops. However, the OT’s did ask the children what they had learned on the day and this is what they said…

“I now know why he complains about his clothes – they might feel itchy”

“I thought he just wanted attention from my family but he actually needs to do the activities which will help him”

“I can now help her and me”

“I have learned that my sister does not mean to hurt me”

“Their senses are different”

“They may feel dizzy”

“I now know what to do when my sister gets crazy!”

“I can help my brother not feel frustrated”

“My brother gets sad sometimes but now I can help them”

“My sister is older than me and when she’s sad I can use the Lycra, ball and read a story whilst brushing her”

“My brother doesn’t mean it when he’s angry”

We think you will all agree they have gained lots of knowledge and the emotional support they can give each other is wonderful and invaluable.

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