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Sensory seeker or sensory avoider…take the test!


– Dislikes being upside down

Scared of movement activities

– Clumsy

– Uncoordinated

– Fear of playgrounds

– Hates hugs

– Dislikes large crowds

– Refuses to wear clothing

– Scared of unexpected noises/touch


– Cannot sit still

– Impulsive

– Prefers to be upside down

– Cannot get enough of movement

– Takes risks

– Likes rough play

– Chews on shirt sleeves/collars etc

– Walks with loud/heavy steps

– Unusual tolerance of pain

Sensory seeking or sensory avoider or even both? Some children/adults may show a combination of these reactions. That is because their responses can change based on their level of arousal or even how well they are able to self-regulate.

Some are fine in very familiar settings, but then might have sensory meltdowns in crowded or even unfamiliar places. They may seek out more input to help calm themselves down, when they may not usually do this.

Knowing your child’s reactions/triggers can help you find ways to help him/her. Talk to your child’s teacher about their sensory issues and also look for tips from our Facebook or even the Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group Facebook on how to manage meltdowns and helping your child cope with tactile, visual, taste and noise sensitivity.

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