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Sensory Diet Training Testimonial – Friday 28th September 2018

  • “Hopefully we can use same activities/strategies and have a good link between yourselves and school.”
  • “It was nice to see what strategies are used and it will be really helpful to incorporate these at school.”
  • “Awesome course thanks!”
  • “Reinforced that my child’s behaviour has not been down to bad parenting or lack of boundaries in the past as previous professionals have suggested.”
  • “Don’t work in school but have integrated the programme at home since he started treatment.”
  • “I feel I learn better, I take more in when I do hands on activities.”
  • “Always good to experience the activities and get the input the children receive.”
  • “It made me think beyond my child to other children I know and work with and how I could provide more sensory input.”
  • “Brought together the information in a clear way.”
  • “Feel like I can better communicate with school about specific ways to help my child.”
  • “Excellent workshop, friendly approachable team, would recommend to any parent/school.”

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