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Parent/Carer Sensory Workshop Testimonial – Monday 10th June 2019

  • “It reinforces the information already provided by Tree Tops.”
  • “I have a wider and deeper understanding of the needs required to help and support my grandson with everyday techniques I have learned today.”
  • “Thank you, it has been an informative and inspirational morning.”
  • “I have learned how to bring the different sensory activities into the normal daily routine.”
  • “Excellent and useful information in understanding sensory issues and how to help and support my child.”
  • “Useful to give me a better understanding of child’s actions and coping strategies.”
  • “I will try a sensory diet (particularly before bedtime) while awaiting assessment via school.”
  • “Knew a lot of the techniques from attending Tree Tops already, but nice to get a better understanding, try things out and have it demonstrated. I will also be looking at some more equipment I can use at home.”
  • “Really enjoyed it and got some fab tips. Thank you!”
  • “Has been beneficial in understanding our grandson’s characteristics.”

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