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Making Changes Together Testimonial – Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd October 2017

  • “It was a good recapping session as child has had a lot of input from Tree Tops over the years.”


  • “Great in relation to equipment and strategies.”


  • “Improve understanding in dealing with my son and how to assist him.”


  • “Coping with surroundings and other people.”


  • “It has helped me understand how I’ll be able to help my child with different approaches and strategies.”


  • “Given me a more accurate understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder.”


  • “Excellent opportunity to understand proper way of introducing the sensory integration activities.”


  • “Will assist me in my workplace trying different methods and better understanding of behaviour and how to approach.”


  • “Glad I came, given me more confidence in working with children who have sensory difficulties.”


  • “Assist me in work, working with children with sensory impairments, helps me understand sensory processing.”

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