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How to help your sensory child at Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas! However, if you have or know a sensory and/or autistic child, you may notice that Christmas has to be slightly more lower key than other families. Some families may not have a tree or just have a small tree with the odd decorations here and there.

At Christmas time, our routines change. The majority of us welcome the change to our daily routine that Christmas time brings. We enjoy lots of seasonal foods and drinks, fireworks, visiting relatives and friends, receiving/giving presents, lots of bright lights, double the shopping visits, and much more!

However, all these changes can cause sensory overload for our children leading to lots of discomforts, distress and retreating into themselves. This can be unpleasant for us and friends/family to see too.

So, how to help your sensory child at Christmas? If you want to make Christmas time a friendly environment for your family, have a read of the tips below. However, with some careful planning and slight changes beforehand, you can still make it a very happy time for everyone.

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe and well.

How to help your sensory child at Christmas

If you need more heavy work tips, check out the link below:

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