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Handwriting Course Part 2 Testimonial – Friday 15th December 2017

• “I have already implemented some of the strategies from the previous session and seen improvements so I can now add what has been covered today.

• “I am working with two children with poor proprioception/handwriting, so I can try lots of exercises/strategies.”

• “I enjoyed having the course in two parts, felt more informed after trying out some of the exercises/strategies learned in part one.”

• “Definitely! Intervention group across school or with current small group.”

• “Good to split into the two separate workshops with strategies implemented in-between.”

• “Techniques and strategies for children to be introduced to develop and encourage handwriting skills.”

• “Beneficial in two parts as take ideas initially, try in school, bring back for second part, share feedback etc. Questions can be answered in second part if any.

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