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Fussy or Problem Feeder? Read on…

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Here is the story of one young boy we have helped.

Oliver is a three year old with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As an infant he suffered from significant gastro oesophageal reflux which led to problems with weaning. At assessment he would only eat food that was completely smooth/blended and would vomit/choke on any food with a slight lump. When eating, he needed a distractor/ television, showing no awareness of the task. His parents would feed him pureed food using a spoon, with the slightest lump making him gag so food had to be blended completely.

Oliver has accessed three weeks of individual food therapy at Tree Tops Children’s Occupational Therapy along with a home programme and structure for meal times/food therapy at home. He has also had sensory integration activities integrated into home.

The following testimonial is what mum has said after three weeks of intervention.

Oliver observes all of his food on the work bench. I then put it in to a jug and blend it down whilst he continues to watch. Oliver then takes himself off to his feeding chair and sits in it, waiting for me to bring his food over to him. He now waits eagerly for his meal to begin.

Oliver’s food has now gone from smooth food to small lumps because I believe his sensory glands are starting to move back on his tongue. He will take certain foods to his mouth now independently such as Quavers, Wotsits, breadsticks, cheese and crackers. His sitting posture is very good and I very rarely connect his straps. He sits quite happily for longer periods of time. He holds his spoon the odd time and also I leave it in his mouth and he will hand it back to me. His eye contact is stronger and he seems to be seeking out some form of playtime more with his siblings. He is becoming much better with longer periods of time with other human contact. He is singing more and more and words are coming along nicely. Oliver is making positive progress moving forward in the right direction with the help and support of Dawn and her team of people.

If you would like to come on the above course, please ring our office on 01325 304411.

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