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Feeding Course – Picky or Problem Feeders?


Cleveland Unit (James Cook Hospital) for lunch-time supervisors

16th September

Following the success of our training day with Cleveland unit staff in July, Jennie –Head Teacher requested that we deliver similar training to their lunch time supervisors.

The purpose was to:

  • educate staff on the causes of feeding difficulties-(did you know over 90% are caused by sensory or motor difficulties?)
  • analyse the child’s behaviours at meal times
  • understand sensory and motor aspects of feeding
  • to be able to use a variety of interventions alongside other staff

Our mission at the Cleveland Unit is to create a specific therapeutic pathway of helping our children and families overcome feeding problems in line with the unit’s healthy eating policy.

It is therefore extremely important all staff are involved in the process to understand the children interventions and support /integrate programmes into the meal time routine

Our lunchtime supervisors were certainly enthusiastic about the topic and offered lots of positive ideas. The practical sessions-(experimenting with food and sensory interventions) provided a lot of hilarity and insight in to our own anxieties too!

Now all staff have undergone training, with such a positive outcomes, we are really looking forward to helping the children using a new structured targeted approach.


“The information will enable us to understand sensory issues about food.”

“Really enjoyed it! Interventions and techniques will be useful for my work with the children.”

“It has given me a better understanding of the complexity of causes/reasons for feeding difficulties.”

“Looking more closely at the children eating, may video the first lunch time and watch it at the end of the day so we can look more carefully at each child.”

“Dinner staff/lunch time supervisors to be involved so that they can give more time and now what food to offer and in a nice presentable manner.”

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