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Client Testimonial

My child has asked me to send you a little message telling you about her first weeks back at school. She has been doing lots of activities from her programme before school, after school and before bed! What can I say … we are so proud of her. She has coped amazingly with the transition for the first time EVER! I walked away from school on Monday with happy tears instead of the total opposite.

She is loving her visual time table and this is really helping her move from one activity to the next. She still struggles with dressing but each day she has entered school with a smile of her face. We have done lots of heavy work after school. She is liking her scooter to and from the car to the school door (we live quite a distance away from the school, so we have to drive). I think this is helping too! She has even stayed in her own bed for two nights all night this week which never happens. Overall she has had a fantastic start to the term and she was keen I let you all know.

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