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Can anyone help Layton?

Tree Tops have a special bond with Layton and his family and correspond regularly with them. His mum has asked everyone to help out again this year. Here is their story……..

“Last year Layton asked if people would send him Christmas cards. He was overwhelmed with the amount of Christmas cards he received. It was an extremely difficult Christmas and we nearly lost Layton 😢 and was told of the genetics that Layton had up to 2 years of life left which we are coming up to this Christmas and apart from some blips, he is doing better than we could wish for …..

So this is year we have been asked by a few people could they send Christmas cards again which is great. Layton would love that but the address from last year are no longer in use as we have moved we are happy to give people our new address if that’s what people want to do. Please would people share this and ask their friends to share because I wouldn’t want people to send cards to the old address.

Thank you for all your support and just being there for us and following Layton’s story. 😘 If we get enough shares and people asking I will put Layton’s address on 😘

Layton layton
23 Briar Road


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