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Our OT’s will help you identify whether your child has sensory integration, sensory processing difficulties (SPD), or dyspraxia that may be affecting their wellbeing and stopping them from reaching their physical potential. 

Sensory integration is the body’s ability to take in information from our environment and then to make sense of it.  We have eight senses; taste, smell, touch, vision, hearing, vestibular, proprioception and interoception.  A lot of children/adults have many difficulties making sense of the sensory information received from the environment which then impacts upon their ability to function and complete daily tasks successfully.

Problems can include:

  • Sensory seeking – fidgeting, on the go all the time, lack of concentration
  • Sensory avoiding – dislikes noise, messy play, nail/hair cutting, washing, feeding
  • Motor difficulties – clumsy, problems with handwriting/fine motor skills, riding a bike
  • Extreme behaviour – meltdowns, frustration, emotional 

If you think your child has any of the above, our OT’s can complete a sensory motor assessment.  This includes taking detailed information about your child’s history, school (not mandatory), and observations completed in our clinic and/or school. This usually takes between two to three hours.  An in-depth report is then sent to you approximately four weeks after assessment with recommendations.  Our reports can also help with an EHCP.

Following the assessment a variety of therapy options are available.  Also a tailored sensory programme (sensory diet) may be formulated that a child would conduct on a daily basis.  This can be taken into school to ensure your child is regulated throughout the day

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