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Do you need an assessment or treatment for your child/young adult?

If anyone is looking to book an assessment or treatment, we have one or two spaces left for September and October.

We are also looking to book any top-up sessions too (one-offs) so please contact us asap before the slots disappear.

Don’t forget we can help with all sorts of difficulties such as some of the areas below along with many more:-

* Sleep
* Feeding
* Sensory
* Poor concentration
* Lack of concentration
* Attachment disorder
* Movement (gross motor skills)
* Handwriting (fine motor skills)
* Social interaction
* Anxiety
* Emotions (low self-esteem, behavioural)
* Independent dressing (tying shoelaces, dressing etc)
* Organisation/planning of tasks
* Social interaction
* Riding a bicycle
* Turn-taking

We also have a parent support group and a youth support group. Please check our website for more details.

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