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Update – Donated Sensory Motor Assessment

Can you remember in October how Tree Tops donated a sensory motor assessment and ten weeks of treatment via the sensory processing disorder parent support group?  Well here is the update on how the young person got on in their assessment.  Mum stated, “I was over the moon today! Laura confirmed to me several issues I knew about which school had wrote off. I’m so happy I came to you and had these areas of difficulty highlighted. I hope my child is now going to get the support they need and that in turn it will turn his life around!
It was a relief to have someone listen to me and actually understand my concerns about my child rather than be sent away feeling hopeless. Laura put my mind at rest and I am actually excited for his future now! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. We are extremely grateful to you all at Tree Tops and look forward to seeing you all soon.”
We will be updating our news section with this young person’s progress over the coming months. 

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