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2018 Thoughts for Our Group

Xmas party at 4Motion – will try to get a selection box or something similar for each child attending. If your child cannot eat chocolate and you are going, can you let us know what else they could eat.

Oral dental hygiene nurse to help with sensory issues – coming along Monday 5th February, 7.00pm.

Anxiety Nurse – emails have already been sent so fingers crossed we can get a night organised.

Autism – we have a mum in mind who went through the system and feel she would be a fab advocate to give us some good old advice. We will hopefully be organising her to give us a talk in 2018.

Brightwater Project 2018 – don’t forget Amy from Durham Wilfelife Trust will be getting in touch with us after Christmas to get involved in this wonderful project which will be excellent therapy for our children (heavy work, self-regulation etc). It will also broaden their knowledge of the outdoors and nature.

Archery – yep, everyone up for this so long as we behind a screen to protect us!!  We are going to view the venue to make sure it is suitable for us but they do have an autism group so it should be fine.

Sibling training – this will go ahead on the morning of Friday 5th January before the children go back to school. We will give the siblings of our SPD’ers some ideas on how to help their siblings and why they can sometimes hit out. A separate post will be arranged in the next week or two as we need to know numbers and ages.

Trampoline park and/or ROF59 – it’s great to have two activities to do for the children so we’re wondering if you would like us to arrange another visit?

ASDA tokens – will look into doing the same as we did for Tesco. (Tesco should let us know how we’ve done by the end of this month).

More training to become available to our parents which will be sorted in early 2018.

Meetings – there will be no meeting in December as there is so much on for our families. The children also get quite anxious etc so we need to be there for them.

AVIVA – sorry we did not get to the final stage but they have said each participant will receive £100 for their efforts.  Well done everyone!

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