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We have a winner!

Fantastic news!judge1

Can you remember the free sensory motor assessment, treatment and programme our MD, Dawn Dunn had donated to Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group North East England?

Well the judges, Zoe and Emma, had an exceptionally difficult and emotional time Wednesday 26th October 2016 choosing the winning application. The applicants described their children’s difficulties in such detail and all would warrant Tree Tops intervention and help.

However our winning individual is a 15 year old whose application stood out because of many factors:-

He had a very traumatic early life experience but was adopted at 9 years old by his current caring family.

During his short life he has had to contend with many hurdles from mainly school and friendships which have resulted in:-

• Self-esteem issues
• Bullying all his life
• Lack of friendships
• Food difficulties
• Easily led and manipulated

Our young person continues to show many problems with reading, writing, memory and organisation. He also has no concept of time or danger. His parents feel he is extremely vulnerable and worry what the future holds for “my lovely boy”.

Mum stated, “Treatment would mean he could believe in himself and feel good about himself”.

There are many more reasons which made this application stand out but Zoe and Emma were unanimous in the end. Therefore the winner of the sensory motor assessment package is:-


The winner has been in touch and hopefully will start the important process very soon. Watch this space as we will be following their progress.There was a very close second but hopefully in the coming weeks we will be in touch with this person and arrange for them to have a chat with Dawn Dun (MD) of Tree Tops.

We would also like to thank Dawn Dunn for giving us this wonderful opportunity and our judges, Emma and Zoe who offered their time.




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