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TSNB Training Testimonial, Monday 4 September 2017

  • “Great training – very informative with practical ideas.”


  • “Lots of activities that I will implement in the classroom.”


  • “I will be able to use this information with the children in my class.”


  • “I now have an awareness of the practical techniques to try. It has provided a great overview of sensory issues and areas.”


  • “As a new TA, it will help me understand the children more.”


  • “I could picture how the activities would help children in the classroom. Having already used some activities, I have seen a great improvement in their well-being.


  • “A well-presented and informative day.”


  • “Training day gave me under lying information to aid my understanding in delivering the programmes in school.”


  • “Will be using activities and equipment during P.E lessons.”


  • Yes definitely in lesson design and being able to identify the needs of our children.”

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