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TSNB Training Testimonial – Monday 2nd September 2019

  • “This session has provided me with more of an understanding of how to recognise signs and what to do to help children.”
  • “Training has developed my awareness of sensory needs. I will introduce some techniques with individuals and whole class.”
  • “Lots of useful ideas to use every day in the classroom.”
  • “I now have a better understanding of ways to help and support children with sensory processing difficulties.”
  • “Really useful ideas and information to take into the classroom. Makes you really think about how to adapt for children.”
  • “Really helpful and lots to take away and try.”
  • “Identifying individuals who need support and don’t fit a more common diagnosis.”
  • “I will try some of the strategies and activities both in class and at home.”
  • “Has opened my eyes to reasons for certain behaviours.”
  • “Lots of really good practical ideas.”
  • “Great ideas on to how help the whole class with short practical activities.”
  • “Identifying those who will/could be identified as SPD and how quick activities can help to calm/raise some children.”
  • “Be more aware of other factors influencing a child’s reaction/behaviour and good suggestions for how to help the child.”
  • “Thank you so much for such an informative training session. Lots to think about.”
  • “Two of us came to an evening session and we were really keen to arrange some whole staff training. This was perfect and extremely useful and informative. Thank you!”  

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