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TSNB Training Testimonial – Friday 5th April 2019

  • “Enjoyed the training and a good mix of practical and training.”
  • “Very interesting training session. Excellent trainer who explained everything very well. Really enjoyed it.”
  • “Very informative and very well delivered. The pace of the course was just right. The practical aspects of the course enabled you to have a ‘hands on’ experience. Thank you, an excellent insight to SPD.”
  • “Good to help children that are not diagnosed or discharged, but still displaying concerning behaviour, so we can help with early intervention.”
  • “Found today’s session very informative, fun and interesting. Explained in a way that makes it very useable in our setting.”
  • “Can’t wait to try some activities and see their effects!”
  • “Lovely training, found it very useful and interesting, especially trying different activities.”
  • “The information and learning has been very helpful and will be used to help support several children in nursery.”
  • “This certainly makes you think about how to view the needs of the children as they enter the nursery. I have strategies to help individual children.”
  • “Great to know some theories and have ideas behind why children are displaying these behaviours and how to support and help them.”
  • “Extremely useful information. I feel today’s training has given me so much more insight into the reasons behind specific behaviours and how to deal with them to further support education.”

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