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TSNB Training Testimonial – Friday 27th April 2018

  • “I will be able to use some calming techniques with the child I work with, to help his behaviour in school.”
  • “I feel my school would benefit from a training day for all the staff.”
  • “My class are very sensory lead and today has helped me understand their sensory programmes.”
  • “Absolutely! Some excellent ideas to support our students.”
  • “Going to set up morning sensory stimulating tasks to alert certain children and relax others.”
  • “Thank you very much for a lovely, informative session. A real eye opener to sensory behaviour.”
  • “Definitely, already implementing sensory diets for some children, need to look at incorporating more across school day, particularly if heightened after playtime/P.E. etc.”
  • “Very insightful, the alerting and calming is very useful.”

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