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TSNB Training Prince Bishops – Monday 25th February 2019

  • “Fantastic workshop and very well led to provide informative guidance. I will try to pass this information onto staff in school.”
  • “I will be able to add more sensory based activities into my continuous provision.”
  • “Lots of activities to implement in the classroom. Alerting and proprioception activities.”
  • “Inform the establishment of two rooms to support sensory needs across school.”
  • “Very useful for developing sensory diet.”
  • “Can feedback to other class staff and look at setting up sensory diets/tool kits for my ASC/SPD children.
  • “Would love to have Tree Tops in school to help set up sensory diets and train other staff.”
  • “New ideas to take a proactive approach to help children self-regulate.”
  • “I have learnt new techniques that will assist both interventions, but also group work.”
  • “It has been a helpful course and sensory diet was very useful. Thank you!”
  • “Will feedback to staff at school to implement ideas with a number of pupils in school.”

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