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TSNB Testimonial St Margaret’s Friday 21 July 2017

  • “I feel I have a greater understanding of how and why pupils act in a certain manner and strategies to support them.


  • “We have more and more children with sensory needs and this will definitely influence our provision. I will be getting in touch about getting you to work with us.”


  • “Great ideas to use.”


  • “I understand more how to set up and why. Seeing the activities with timings etc. Is exactly what teachers need!”


  • “Lots of great ideas to incorporate into the classroom.”


  • “I work one to one with a child who could benefit from some of these strategies.”


  • “Lots of practical information given which will be easy to implement. Will also have greater understanding and empathy with those children now.”


  • “Help to give on understanding of the behaviour of certain children. Increased empathy for children with SPD.”


  • “Will make me think about why children are behaving this way. Hopefully make me more understanding.”


  • “I can use both professionally and personally with my own children, providing ideas.”


  • “I will hopefully have more awareness and ability to spot children with SPD.”


  • “Will have a good think about my classroom environment and routines we can add in.”


  • “Got some good ideas to use in the classroom.”


  • “Will use some props in class and strategies learned to try and either calm or stimulate specific children.”

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