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Tree Tops – a Godsend For Kids And Families

Thank you Tees Issues by Andy Preston for popping into our Stockton clinic. It was a pleasure to show you how we help local families. Pop in any time! Here is what he had to say about his visit.

It was fascinating to hear about the brilliant work Tree Tops Children’s Occupational Therapy are carrying out for local kids with motor and sensory difficulties.

Their small but passionate team of occupational therapists specialise in identifying children’s movement and sensory processing challenges.

This place is a godsend for parents, who often contact Tree Tops in desperation after many years of frustration.

They work with families to help children do stuff in their home life that many of us taking for granted – things such as dressing, eating, playing and physical activities.

They help them learn to sit still to concentrate, complete a task and learn in school.

Just as importantly, they teach them how to stay calm to cope in busy environments and challenging situations, to be happy and to reach their full potential.

My thanks to Dawn and everyone at Tree Tops for the warm welcome. It’s clear there’s a really positive ‘can-do’ attitude about the place.


Andy Preston (MP)

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