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Tree Topper of the Month – December

Well done Keane!

Mum said,
Hi, I would like to nominate my son Keane. He is 14 and attends a local school. He is putting so much effort in. From him doing his sensory tasks, it’s helping reduce anxiety, and his sensory sock is fab.

Keane has started a boxing club, which helps with heavy work, and he seeks deep pressure from the boxing bags, the club is also helping him socially.

Keane has been an absolute superstar this month.”

What a great way to give heavy work (proprioceptive input) which helps, as mum says with calming, reducing anxiety and keeps a child on task.

Our winner today will receive a little gift very soon and everyone who entered also receives a certificate.

As always, every Tree Topper is a winner in our eyes. Watch out soon for our next post.


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