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Tip of the Week

Heavy work – this helps your child’s body and brain. Have a look out some of our suggestions to keep your child going throughout the day whether it be at home or school.

Bicycles/scooters/roller skates – good fun and can be done with friends. If your child cannot ride their bicycle yet, try a walking bike or even a scooter because even just by using their arms and legs this can provide a good workout, planning their movement and aid their balance.

Jumping – good for the muscles and brain. Doing this daily for a few minutes can help children who are sensory seeking and also under responsive children. To make it more fun, add in singing, counting, use the trampoline, anything to get them active!

Vacuuming – get them to give you a hand in the house! We know this may cause some grunts and groans but to make it more fun add their favourite music. Give them a duster too!

Swings/walking swinging arms – this helps with co-ordination too and provides vestibular input.

Bedroom Spring Clean – get everything out of the drawers, wardrobes, toy boxes etc and then clean them out and put it all back again! Change some of the furniture around and by getting your child to help you, this would also provide a good workout!

Outdoors – of course we all know autumn is here and the leaves are dropping from the trees. Give your child the rake or broom to sweep the leaves up and put them in the compost bin or recycle compost bin. Even turning over the garden is good because not only does it give them a heavy workout, but gets the garden ready for spring.

Good luck with the above activities and we are sure you can think of many more you can add to the list!

But don’t forget – use a timer on the activities because you’ll be amazed at how quickly your child will work!

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