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Tip for our rainy day today!

Want to help build your child’s hand strength? Try some of these tips.

Do they enjoy using building blocks?
Get your child to snap them together and have resistance to being pulled apart

Do they like playing with water? (Maybe not today though!)
Squirty toys and bottles that require squeezing to spray water. Put some soap inside the bottle which may make bubbles when squirted.

Do they enjoy colouring?
Remove all pencils and provide crayons.

Going shopping because it’s raining?
Get them to carry their own bag (with handles) with a few heavy items in such as cans then once home, get them to put them in the cupboard.

Make some games up by using:-
* Tongs, tweezers to pick up small objects.
* Glue little sequences onto cards or make pictures.
* Use a hole puncher – make some lovely patterns on paper!

Get some paper clips and put them onto box lids, paper or even the edge of something.

Operation is a fab game to try and it’s fun!



There are many games you can get to help your children build up their hand strength. Enjoy!

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