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Tip of the Week – Calming Activities!

When the clock changes, many of us will experience changes in our mood as the daylight hours and (not forgetting) the temperature alters. For our SPDers, the transition from each season can present many difficulties.

For example, when we go from Summer to Autumn then onto Winter, the clothing problems sometimes often get worse. Have a look at some solutions in our tip below and see if they help.

It can take a while to become accustomed to the seasonal clothes, even if worn the previous year. Going from light layers to heavier/thicker layers can be restrictive with additional accessories such as hats/gloves displaying even more problems.

When it gets to this time of the year, why not introduce the clothing early then wear them in short bursts. Many of our SPDers find it much easier to wear multiple thinner layers than a single thick/heavy layer but it all depends on their sensory sensitivities as some may enjoy tight clothing.

Don’t forget to wash new clothes before wearing them which will add familiar smells and also soften the garments. Removing labels can help too.

Our SPDers may not want to wear gloves but you have to be flexible and maybe pull sleeves down over their hands (if possible). If they don’t like wearing a hat, try ear defenders, ear muffs, or even a hoodie.

Next week we will look at the season change in general for our SPDers and some difficulties that come along with it for them.

Does your child dislike some of their clothing?

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