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Tip of the day!

Elf has really been struggling this week as there is so much going on in school and home.
The girls took him down to the “fun” room today. As you can see, he’s been on the swings working on his vestibular system. Next, we tried him with the brushing protocol which at first he did not enjoy but then after increasing this, totally came on board!
Then, it was onto fine motor skills, placing paper clips on a candy cane cutout aiding in-hand manipulation. He really enjoyed practicing his letter/number formations by using multi-sensory techniques such as rice, sand and glitter. You can even do this with shaving foam in the bath on the wall!
Out came the scooter board which helped his upper limb and core stability. He was whizzing up/down the room playing a match the colour game. Watch those fingers and keep those legs down!
Elf then finished his session by going into an inversion over the peanut, completing a jigsaw puzzle whilst in this position. This really calmed him down. By the end of the day, he was ready to deal with the world!
If you have any questions please do ask.
Now come one everyone! Let’s see some elf antics from your household or school! We need to be sending some lucky family a prize after Christmas!!

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