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Think Sensory Not Behaviour Training – Friday 25 October 2019 9.00am – 3.30pm – CANCELLED

Full day training course for schools, parents and professionals. Cost is £130 per person (includes buffet lunch).

Do you work with children displaying challenging behaviours, frequent outbursts, and unpredictable, anxious, struggling to sit still, sensory seeking or difficulty entering school?

Our training will help you understand Sensory Processing and how difficulties can affect a child’s function, motivation and attention. 

Using fun practical workshops, the day will equip staff/parents with a greater knowledge and insight to this complex area, whilst providing easy activities/tools to design a sensory routine to implement in the classroom.

Following training each participant will be able to:

  • Recognise potential sensory difficulties and the effect on the child’s behaviour.
  • Utilise user friendly activities and techniques to meet the child’s sensory needs.
  • Design and implement a sensory routine to improve attention control and reduce inappropriate behaviour in the classroom.
  • To provide a happier positive learning environment for all children and staff to benefit their education and maximise their learning ability.


“It was a very educational training session.  Exceeded expectations.”

“A fascinating course – thanks. It will help to improve intervention groups to include children with SPD.”

“Absolutely! Valuable tools will be taken from the training to be put into place within the setting. Very positive course and easy to follow.”

“The information provided has given me a better understanding of certain behaviours.”

“This will help staff identify to meet the needs with confidence and consistency in and out of the classroom.”


A certificate of attendance is supplied to all participants.

The skills, knowledge and experience will help your continuing professional development (CPD)

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