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Think Sensory Not Behaviour Training – 21 October 2016

Dawn Dunn, MD conducted a Think Sensory Not Behaviour training course at Ingleby Mill Primary for several schools on Friday 21 Octobetestimonial-1r 2016.
We would like to thank the school and staff for their warm welcome and have received the following feedback:-
“I could have spent a lot longer listening to advice/ideas. You are a wealth of knowledge! The diet will help”
“Thought about specific children as the course progressed and how I could adapt my classroom/time of teaching to improve their experience. Dawn was really good at helping us to identify and understand the difficulties these children might have”
“Fantastic course which has given me so much information and techniques to use. Thank you!”
“It has given me a much better understanding of SPD and activities to help the children”
“Lots of ideas of how to help individual children and ideas to pass onto parents who ask for advice”
“We will implement sensory boxes for selected children and hopefully be able to timetable sensory diet and resources to be bought (pupil premium)”
“Understanding ways in which children’s’ arousal levels can be changed through practical activities and other ways”
“I have already been able to identify children with current behaviour issues in my school that will hopefully benefit from some of the strategies I learnt today”
“It has offered good advice on activities that I could try and use to help the children. A big thank you”
“Great ideas about helping children to cope. Fantastic strategies!”
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