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Testimonials-Oxhill Nursery-Tuesday 3 January 2017

“Thought provoking with good simple ways of working within the remit of many things we already have in nursery.”

“Interesting to look at how Forest Schools and outdoor learning works with this. Many children outdoors for long periods are calmer and doing many activities that naturally works on the senses/proproception.”

“Fantastic day, all staff approachable and friendly.”

“Very informative, feel like we learned a lot more about the sensory ways and how children may feel.”

“It well help me see children and the ways they do things in a different way using some of the strategies.”

“I feel I have a greater understanding which will help me understand the individual needs of the children. I have learnt many new strategies which I will use on a daily basis to deal with the children’s needs.”

“I feel I have a better understanding of sensory behaviour and this will help me to look after children in my settings better and give them the care and support needed.

“Loved all the workshops.”

“It will really help me support me in my working alongside difficult children.”

“As I support children 1:1 who often present with a range of behavioural issues. I will be able to implement my now greater understanding of sensory issues.”

“It was nice to have some practical activities to do for first-hand experience.”

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