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Sensory Workshop Testimonial – Monday 28th October 2019

  • “It has given further thought to some principles I was already aware of, but the information on how it can help gave me better understanding. Heavy work in particular.”
  • “Practical examples to calm or alert children at different times of the day, will benefit our students greatly!”
  • “I feel it may be very useful for some of our students as a way of calming and engaging students.”
  • “Gave me a much better understanding of the issues involved with sensory processing. In particular the activities shown were very useful.
  • “Confirms strategies being used and gives me more depth.”
  • “Very informative and excellent presentation!”
  • “Extremely helpful and will definitely use with all of the children in my class.”
  • “Thinking of new ways to integrate into my practise”
  • “It will help understand behaviors and how to help and assist the children.”

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