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Sensory Integration Baby Course
Two of our Senior Occupational Therapists, Dawn and Laura, recently attended a two day Baby Sense Course in London, held by Occupational Therapist Meg Faure.
Meg is a specialist Occupational Therapist and author based in South Africa with over 20 years experience working with “fussy” babies, particularly those with sleep problems, irritability and feeding difficulties.
The course was extremely informative with Dawn and Laura gaining new knowledge about sensory modulation disorders in babies/infants and how to identify these. Practical activities allowed them to plan interventions and home programmes, which involve working closely with the mother/family.
Within the next few months, Tree Tops aim to set up their very own Sensory Babies group. This will be aimed at babies and infants who appear to be “fussy” or “difficult”, have problems with sleeping, feeding and may be generally challenging to settle. The group will involve working closely with both baby and mum/dad to identify sensory tools to help their child.

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