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New Youth Group

Impact Youth Group, was launched in December 2016, with the help of Tree Tops Occupational Therapy, Newton Aycliffe.

The group was created for young adults aged 15+ who are socially shy/anxious, low self-esteem and are low on confidence, in the hope that its members would chat confidentially with other members.

Impact Youth Group, is a secret Facebook group, which is monitored by DBS checked adults who encourage friendly chat between young people who struggle to make friends.

The group is invite only and the aims of the group are; to share information and experiences and which it also offers support. Group meetings will also take place to encourage members to meet and develop social skills through interaction with one another.

Our group patron, Craig Heap (aka the Heapster) who is a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast, was asked if he would become our patron. Craig said he felt like this when he was younger and is keen to get involved with us. He is eager to meet the group eventually once we get up and running.

For more information or to join the group email:

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