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Middlesbrough Football Club Sensory Room (19 April 2017)

Emma and Dawn from the group were invited to MFC today to have a look round their new sensory room. Fantastic facility!

Yvonne and Abi were the hosts and gave Dawn and Emma a tour of the ground (family area) and the sensory room. Attached are some pictures to give you a feel for the ground and room.

The sensory room will house approximately twelve people. Yvonne said two staff and sometimes three were on hand to help out. When you go to the room, it is complimentary the first time you use it but then after that you would have to pay for a match ticket each but would then get a couple of complimentary tickets too. The family area is just great. You can go up and down from the ground to the sensory room throughout the game. There is no viewing window but there is a screen where you can watch the match whilst the children are playing in the room (you can hear the atmosphere still). They also have other ‘extras’ up their sleeves for the children who attend the sensory room.

Apparently their club shop is open at Christmas at certain times for those whose children have sensory issues so they are not overwhelmed. Yvonne is also going to send details of other places that can help sensory children so once received, will let everyone know.

It is such a good thing they are doing. The group have offered her a place on our sensory training because when free tickets are received, we think something should be given back. She has accepted and cannot wait to come along and meet everyone.  If anyone can donate anything sensory for the room let the group know as they are going to put something together and take it over.

Will give you an update on any information received from Yvonne and Abi.

PS The sensory room has changed a bit since the pictures were taken as it is an ongoing project.


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