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March Tree Topper of the Month – Hallie!

Mum said…
“Before starting support, my child had very little eye contact and did not take instruction very well as she was like a whirlwind and constantly seeking. She never stopped and due to this, had no concentration. 
Therefore I found it extremely difficult to teach her new things and for her to learn.

However, since her therapy, she is now a lot calmer. She still has her wild moments however can be brought back down instead of this resulting in a meltdown and due to this, her concentration has improved to a few minutes which is a massive achievement for her as she would never sit still!

With this, I can now play games and encourage her speech which she is starting to say one new word. For a child that has been non-verbal, that’s a massive achievement!

Thank you for all your support!”

Well done to our March Tree Topper of the Month. Please message us with a picture of our winner for our Tree Topper winner board. A small gift will be in the post very soon!

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