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What a lovely review we received today (1.5.18)

Thank you to the family who left this lovely review on our Facebook page today.  We are incredibly lucky to work with some fabulous families.


Absolutely amazing staff 
Friendly, helpful & above all understanding from that first call. 
I honestly can’t express my thanks & total appreciation from everyone at TreeTops to just be heard & get the answers all parents want & need to be able to help there child move forward is priceless. 
Iv met so many family’s along the way fighting tooth & nail with Camhs & different authorities to get answers ??
why does it take so long ??
why is there no real guidance from anyone ??
why do we have to go individually to each organisation School, Doctors, occupational therapists, camhs back to school for a educational psychologist
it’s crazy ?????
What we need is 1 organisation that guides us….
I actually put my arms around Rosie & got tears in my eyes such a warm welcome the girls go above & beyond.
My child felt comfortable & most importantly we got more answers than what we’ve ever had understanding & a positive outcome to be able to make changes.
Thank you Tree Tops from the bottom of my heart x

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