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Job Opportunity – Graduate Occupational Therapist (Band 5)

Part-time job

To assess and treat children with a range of Developmental Disorders such as DCD, ADHD and ASD within Tree Tops clinic and school environments. The candidate would be clinic based and trained to use standardised paediatric tests to establish a child’s functioning and measure clinical outcomes following intervention.

Person specifications:
A dynamic self-motivated individual with a passion for working with children and families. You must be able to work independently within different environments and as part of a team. Excellent clinical reasoning skills working towards effective outcomes, with a desire to develop expertise with Sensory Integration.

Key Responsibilities and duties:
Assessment of child’s fine /gross motor development, sensory processing, visual perceptual and handwriting skills using standardised tests
Take lead role in treatment sessions with support
Monitor the child’s progress and re-grade treatment activities according to their need
Plan and organise individual treatment sessions within clinic or child’s home
Implement and review Tree Tops school based motor skills programme
Devise and implement sensory diet programmes into the classroom
Conduct school visits for assessment or treatment purpose
Compile professional OT reports for assessment, progress and discharge
Record /document weekly child’s progress
Attend multi-disciplinary or common assessment framework meetings as required
Liaise with parents, health professionals and education staff
Manage own clinical caseload
Ensure children are achieving good progress with effective clinical outcomes
Attend training to develop relevant knowledge and skills
Ensure high standard of health and safety with regard to child, equipment and person

Understanding of sensory integration approach in assessment and treatment process
Knowledge and clinical expertise with motor and sensory deficits
Introducing new programmes and activities for individuals and groups
Participate in training and marketing events

20 hours per week
Permanent post subject to six month probationary period

If you would like more information or apply for the position, please contact or the office on 01325 304411.

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