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Sensory and Handwriting Training – School Testimonial

On Monday 27th February 2017, Tree Tops conducted some training in a local school. Some wonderful comments were made:

“Made me think of individual children and what their needs may be.”

“Raised some thoughts about children in my class. Use of strategies to help them/assess them.”

“Found handwriting especially interesting.”

“Lots of practical suggestions, i.e. sensory processing issues.”

“A fab day – thank you!”

” I have three children with ASD, all very different, one in particular has been highlighted to me has having SPD – I will change my practice as a result.”

“Really good, simple activities to use in early years.”

“I can utilise some of the information in the classroom but also in my own family setting.”

“Makes you think more about the children and the different approaches you can take to meet their needs and understand reasons why they behave in certain ways.”

“The information has helped to identify children who may require support and techniques to help them.”

Thank you for a fun day. You made us feel very welcome.

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