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Happy Occupational Therapy Week which is running from 2 – 8 November 2020.


Happy Occupational Therapy Week

Why use an occupational therapist?
At Tree Tops our occupational therapists are trained to understand the “whole” person ie physical, mental health, emotional and behavioural needs which can impact on a child/young adult’s home/school/college life. Our occupational therapists can also work in both mainstream/special schools, ASD unit settings or use their expertise in both our clinics.

What areas do we focus on?
Any child/young adult experiencing issues ie following instructions, working with others, concentrating, relaxation, anxiety, writing, behavioural issues, fine/gross motor skills, feeding, sleep. They may have difficulties dressing independently, going to the toilet or wiping themselves, eating lunch, noise, managing planners/transitions.

How can this be provided?
We can help by changing the way the daily task is done, modifying the environment, trialing/recommending equipment, teaching the child/young adult new techniques, developing skills and abilities. It can be achieved by a whole class, group or individual approach, even designing sensory routines for individuals or groups at home and school.

We loving being OT’s at Tree Tops because we see how we can help our Tree Toppers.

Watch out this week for more helpful tips and stories from our fab OT’s and why we chose OT as our career.

So enjoy! Happy Occupational Therapy Week!

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