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Fussy or problem feeders? Is it sensory, motor or behaviour? Read all about our course from Friday 27th January!

On Friday 27th January 2017 some of our parents and professionals took part in the above course. Do not be put off by the nappy as it was actually chocolate! However, it proved a few points to say the least on how different smells and textures can affect our children’s eating.   This course would suit anyone from parents to professionals working with children in any environment.

Watch out for the testimonials but one professional quoted………

“I must say what a very interesting session it was. As an educator for children (teaching healthier cooking to children and families), I hoped to learn more about feeding issues and particularly for children with additional sensory needs. What I left with was more than I expected and an insight into how children face battles when eating. We covered so much in our time there and who knew there were so many processes to eating? The teaching by Dawn was excellent with a great balance of practical work (though I would never have thought I would be smelling and tasting the contents of a nappy😲)and listening with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. A thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening session which I hope to build upon further in order to support others.”

We hope you enjoyed the course and look forward to the next one!

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