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Feeding Course Testimonials 27th January 2017

“It will assist me in both home and work with children, understanding the oral stages of eating and how to teach this.”

“A very interesting course which enlightened me on the processes. A wonderful inspiring tutor and friendly group.”

“Lots of things to try with my son.”

“At home, it has helped me understand what my son experiences.”

“More routine around meal times start and end, introduction into new feeds and how to.”

“I must say what a very interesting session it was. As an educator for children (teaching healthier cooking to children and families), I hoped to learn more about feeding issues and particularly for children with additional sensory needs. What I left with was more than I expected and an insight into how children face battles when eating. We covered so much in our time there and who knew there were so many processes to eating? The teaching by Dawn was excellent with a great balance of practical work (though I would never have thought I would be smelling and tasting the contents of a nappy😲)and listening with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. A thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening session which I hope to build upon further in order to support others.”


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