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Extreme Behaviour SOS Training Testimonial – Wednesday 5th December 2018

  • “Working with children with SEMH, it will help me to understand behaviours and be more proactive.”
  • “This will assist me in supporting pupils in need of reaching the ready state to be able to develop and learn effectively.”
  • “This will help me to manage some children who could benefit from the techniques.”
  • “Shall implement throughout the day in short bursts. Class has 6 SEN with a mix of these issues. Will include where possible with whole class.”
  • “I travel to many school settings and the information and techniques will be extremely useful.”
  • “Increased awareness and confidence of how to utilise sensory techniques at work.”
  • “It has provided an awareness of some of the potential causes of poor behaviour and some practical techniques to help manage it.”
  • “I feel this would be more beneficial to learn these techniques at an earlier age.”
  • “Will try some of the techniques with the child I am working with.”
  • “I will take this back to school and try to put some of these into practice.”
  • “Support my parents/myself in dealing with a LAC. Use in schools on supply. Use with children with SEND in social activities.”
  • “Absolutely brilliant. Very professional resources and tutor was very knowledgeable.”
  • “Looking forward to trying to incorporate these techniques in the classroom.”
  • “As a trainee teacher, I have been provided with very useful information on a topic that I would have known very little about otherwise. There are children in my placement class that I am more able to understand and help after today’s training.”
  • “Thanks very much for a very informative evening!”
  • “Created the awareness of why certain children behave the way they do in the classroom and how to accommodate them.”

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